Mvelopes iPhone app update

Since the initial release of the Mvelopes iPhone app two weeks ago we have been amazed and pleased at the interest so many of you have shown in the app. We are also aware that some bugs have been affecting the user experience for some of you. We have been working around the clock to address these problems, and several of you have been instrumental in helping us identify specific errors.

We are pleased to report that an update to the Mvelopes iPhone app was submitted to Apple earlier today. This update addresses the following issues:

• Enhanced stability, resolving many reported crashing issues.
• Dramatically improved performance of the initial data load.
• Payee field size now dynamically adjusts to accommodate long payee names.
• Fixed incorrect reporting of Planned Funding amounts for envelopes.
• Resolved some reported issues with creation and matching of split transactions.

We believe this update will offer a major improvement in usage of the app and resolve many of the problems which have been reported to us. We will post a notification as soon as the updated app is available in the App Store. Please continue to let us know about your experiences in using Mvelopes and the Mvelopes iPhone app. Our goal is to continually improve your ability to manage your finances using the principles of envelope budgeting, no matter where you are.

The Mvelopes Team