Mvelopes – iPod Touch Results and Winner


The results are in…

Thanks to all of you who participated in our first Mvelopes facebook poll and Apple iPod touch giveaway!  It was great to learn more about how Mvelopes has been helping you achieve financial fitness.  Make sure you check back regularly – not only will you be part of the growing community of Mvelopes users on facebook,  but we also have some more fantastic polls and giveaways coming very soon – (without revealing too much, can you say “weekend getaway” or “Apple iPad?”)  Great things happen with Mvelopes!

Now, on to our results!

For our first question, we asked for your name and email address.  100% (616 out of 620 – close enough!) gave us a name and 99.7% shared your email address with us.  Which not only makes sense but also shows how smart you are – after all, we have to have a way to contact you if you are the winner of the Apple iPod touch….

For our second question, we asked how long you have been using Mvelopes, the award-winning, insanely great, on-line envelope budgeting system (description provided by our marketing department – go figure).  Just over 60% of you have been using Mvelopes for more than one year!  That’s fantastic – thank you for your support.  Another 25% of you have been using it for three months up to a year.  For the remaining 25% of you who are new to the Mvelopes world, welcome to one of the most amazing financial tools you can use.  Stay with it and you’ll soon be an Mvelopes power user – and reaping the financial rewards of successfully managing your spending!

Our third question asked how much debt you’ve eliminated since you started using Mvelopes.  Over 22% of everyone who responded said they’ve eliminated *over* $10,000 in debt.  Another 40% have eliminated between $1,000 and $10,000 in debt.  That’s a whole lot of interest many of you are  no longer paying to banks and credit card companies and a whole lot of new financial freedom.  Mvelopes really does help people achieve their financial goals!

Question four asked how much your average checking account balance has increased since you started using Mvelopes.  32% of you have had your checking account balances increase from $1,000 to $5,000!  And another 10% of you have had your checking account balance increase by *more* than $5,000.  What a great thing to be building up financial reserves at the same time you’re paying off debt and managing your spending.  Mvelopes is what makes it all work!

For our fifth question we wanted to get a sense for how passionate Mvelopes users are about the system.  So we asked how many people you’ve talked to about Mvelopes.  An amazing 72% of you have talked with from one to ten people about Mvelopes.  15% of you have talked to as many as twenty people about the system.  We’ve always known that Mvelopes users were enthusiastic about the program, but we really appreciate you taking time to introduce others to  the best money management system available today (no, we’re not shy about bragging, either!)  And to the 9% of you who are talking to “everyone in town,” we sincerely hope you live in New York, Los Angeles, or another one of our large “towns!”

Our final question was designed to help us further prove something we’ve always suspected about Mvelopes users.  And since over 73% of you parallel park when given the opportunity versus driving around the block, we now know that Mvelopes users are not only among the smartest people around, they are also some of the best drivers as well.  Who knew good money management skills and practical driving abilities went together?  As for the 21 hardy souls who “drive” their bikes instead of parking cars, you remind us that being outside the box may be the best place to be.

So, have we forgotten anything?  Oh yes, that little issue of giving away an Apple iPod touch.  Drum roll please while we hit the random number generator button….

And our winner is Jon C. from Utah!

Congratulations!  We’ll be contacting you directly to arrange to get that new Apple iPod touch to you as soon as possible.

Thanks again to all of you for participating in our Mvelopes user survey.  Remember, more great surveys and giveaways are coming soon, so stay tuned on Facebook and our Blog!


The Mvelopes team

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