Notes and Full Reset Added in Mvelopes mobile 2.3.3

Mvelopes.jpgMvelopes 2.3.3 is now available for download on Android and iOS with a few features that have made their way to mobile after being in the web app.

Viewing and editing notes for envelopes, resetting your data, and adding a check number when quick assigning transactions are now features in the award-winning Mvelopes budget app.

If you want to leave yourself an explanation or a motivational message for an envelope, toss it in the note section when creating an envelope or go back and add it later. Notes can help to differentiate or explain certain types of transactions, income, reimbursements or refunds. Notes can help keep your budget structured and describe why money was spent in the first place or the reason for making a change in your budget.

You are also able to reset your data from the palm of your hand without having to log in to the web app. You can get a fresh start on the go with a clean reset of your data.

You can now enter the check number when you’re quick assigning your transactions on mobile. You no longer have to return to edit the transaction to add the check number.

Mvelopes is an award-winning budget app that helps you set up a digital envelope budget so you can manage all your expenses, track your transactions and achieve your financial goals. Get started today with a 30-day free trial.


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