Mvelopes web app moves to HTML 5


As an Mvelopes product team, we have been very focused on our mobile applications over the last few years. It has seen great results as Mvelopes is the No. 2 budgeting app on iOS and is a top 10 budgeting app on Android. Our development teams have created amazing applications which have received great reviews and comments about the new design and functionality. You will continue to see great things on mobile in the coming months.

As we have made major advancements in our mobile applications, we realized our web application on needed some love and attention to bring it up to speed with its mobile brothers. With our mobile apps in a good place, we have decided to focus an extra portion of our time and attention on our web application to get it to where, you, our customers would like it to be. We have spent many hours planning and discussing the roadmap of major changes to the infrastructure and technology that will provide a much-needed redesign to make the Mvelopes web application easier to use and easier on the eyes.

One of the major infrastructure and technology changes everyone needs to know about is a move from our current web application code base of Flex (Flash-based) to the new modern standard of HTML 5. We have decided to move forward aggressively in changing the Mvelopes web app gradually, piece by piece, as we incorporate the new technology and new design. Instead of having to wait months and having an abrupt move to a new platform and design, we will release portions of the code gradually over the rest of the year to make the transition easier for you, our customers. We are so excited for this change and the many other great design and usability changes we will be making throughout the year.

This is exciting for several reasons, many of which you already know if you know the difference between Flash and HTML 5. By making the switch, the Mvelopes web app can:

  • Be used in browsers of phones and tablets
  • Provide better battery life for laptops
  • Provide better performance by using less memory and resources
  • Provide better security in HTML 5
  • Provide better stability by preventing crashes and freezes
  • Provide better integration with modern browsers and their built-in feature sets
  • Improve caching for quicker load times
  • Improve session management
  • Improve sync between concurrent sessions

We look forward to sharing these exciting changes with you throughout the year. Check back here or on social media for helpful announcements and tips and tricks to the new Mvelopes web app and many more exciting envelope budgeting secrets.


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