Mvelopes vs. EveryDollar

hand-app-screen-groceriesWith so many different personal finance management tools all vying for your time and attention, it can be difficult to choose the best for your situation, income, and budget. Recently, we have had some users ask us, “What is the difference between Mvelopes and EveryDollar?”

Both apps are designed to take a proactive approach to the way you budget but only one offers tried and true principles for the value that fits your budget.

What Does Mvelopes Do That EveryDollar Doesn’t?

Mvelopes offers data aggregation for free. Data aggregation is the ability to automatically identify and connect with your financial institution and import individual transactions. Mvelopes’ users enjoy the convenience of seeing each transaction appear without any manual effort or entering on their own. Bottom line: You’ll save time and energy with Mvelopes because it does for FREE what EveryDollar charges to complete.

EveryDollar users must upgrade and pay about $100 per year to enjoy the same convenience that Mvelopes’ users have for FREE – that’s just one reason why Kiplinger named Mvelopes Best for Overspenders.  

The Mvelopes system is a perfect fit for any budget because it can be accessed from not only the Web, but from all mobile devices (iOS and Android) and tablets, and is even optimized for Kindle. EveryDollar is only compatible with iOS devices.

EveryDollar Final

Mvelopes Can Be Used for Business

Mvelopes’ users create one account and can manage the cash flow from their personal accounts as well as from their business accounts. This feature is especially helpful if your business transactions are tax deductible or will require reimbursement. Simple tagging of those transactions makes expense reports and tax write-offs a cinch!

Are There Mvelopes Upgrades?

Yes, Mvelopes offers premium content, resources and features including e-books, videos, unlimited budget envelopes (categories), the ability to add unlimited bank accounts, 24-hour email support, and live-chat support for only $95 per year – still less than you’d pay for the EveryDollar upgrade.

Talk is Cheap –  Debt Isn’t.

The biggest difference is that Mvelopes has a track record that can’t be refuted. Just ask the 500,000+ people who have used Mvelopes and aggressively eliminated over $1 Billion in debt and you’ll understand how Mvelopes can spur the financial change you’ve been hoping for.

Try Mvelopes for yourself and see why thousands of others are calling it a “great great way to keep track of your money,” and why it is, “Best for Over-Spenders.”

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