Mvelopes vs. Mint

Vs2.jpegIf you use Mint to categorize your transactions for you to check once a month, you’re not really budgeting. You have a finance tracker and not a budget.

You’re part of the way there, but in order to get your transactions sorted, your free credit score and anything else they can offer you, you have to endure endless advertising disguised as advice.

Capture-1.pngMint’s overview page has up to 12 ads on it for financial services that are presented as either advice or ways to save. Sure sign up for another credit card, a personal loan, and a savings account that won’t give you any higher of an interest rate.

You know it’s not advice when they provide you an option to save -$336. Jump at the possibility to lose $336 on the advice of Mint!

At Mvelopes, our advice is simple. Spend less than you make, save for a rainy day and eliminate your debt. There are plenty more goals you can have and we’re happy to help you accomplish them.

Create a budget and track your spending on a regular basis with the help of our digital envelope budget system. Categorize where you’re spending as specific or as vague as you want. Set up periodic expense categories and save for them so you’re prepared.

Mvelopes also helps you plan your debt payoff so you can eliminate debt as quickly as possible. Mint will track your debt payoff. But this information doesn’t help you.

Take a look at just how quickly an extra $100 a month can eliminate your debt with Mvelopes’ Debt Center and then make a plan to carve out that much more per month to put towards your debt.

Manage your transactions on a daily basis so you are on top of not only your balances in each category, but also your behaviors. If that eating out envelope is low, you’ll have to make a change somewhere. Mint will tell you if you exceeded your budget, but won’t warn you if you’re getting close. Take the opportunity to know ahead of time with Mvelopes.

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