11 ways to use Mvelopes’ new closed captions

captions.jpgThe Mvelopes budget app, both on the web and mobile, now has closed captioning enabled in the video library to help you learn financial skills in yet another way.

Closed captioning makes our educational resources more accessible to the 15 percent of Americans who are hearing impaired. On your phone or tablet and even on the web, you can read and watch your way through all nine belts without making a peep as you master your finances.

The Premier Resources Library is available to all Mvelopes Premier users and includes more than four hours of video that walks you through financial skills and principles.

While helping those who have difficulty hearing is the most important reason for these captions, there are other use cases where captions come in handy. 

  • I have always had a soft spot for foreign films and these captions remind me of subtitles.
  • I learn financial principles better by reading than by listening.
  • Reading while watching helps me recall the tips better later on.
  • I enjoy using all of my senses at once. Just two more senses to go and these will be perfect.
  • Sometimes you just want to watch a video on your phone in the bathroom with the sound off.

Our goal is to help people achieve their personal financial goals. So regardless of where you are − physically or financially  we are excited to have the opportunity to equip people to get out of debt and improve their financial situations.

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