New Version of Mvelopes Released

On Tuesday, January 3, 2012, the Mvelopes Team announced the release of the newest version of Mvelopes and Crown Mvelopes. The new Mvelopes includes a completely redesigned user interface, extensive database upgrades to improve speed and program responsiveness, and expanded report features.

The new Mvelopes also introduces a new, free version of Mvelopes with a limited feature set. The free version of Mvelopes will allow users to fully experience the automated envelope budgeting power of the Mvelopes system. The free version of Mvelopes limits users to 25 budgeting envelopes and to four online bank or credit card accounts. The free version of Mvelopes does not include the Debt Center or electronic Bill Pay, and free account users do not have access to online Live Chat support.

All current Mvelopes and Crown Mvelopes users will be grandfathered into the new, full version of the program, which is being renamed Mvelopes Premier or Crown Mvelopes Premier. Premier members will continue to enjoy full, unlimited access to all of the features of the Mvelopes system at their current subscription price. The lifetime membership program is being renamed Mvelopes Lifetime or Crown Mvelopes Lifetime, and all lifetime members will continue to receive their full lifetime membership benefits, with all the features of Mvelopes Premier, without interruption.

Members with current trial memberships will be granted full access to Mvelopes Premier and will become Premier members at the end of their trial subscriptions based upon the subscription and pricing they have selected. The previous version of Mvelopes will continue to be available to all Mvelopes Premier members for the next several months. Any questions should be directed to Live Chat Support.

We are excited to bring the new Mvelopes system to you. We look forward to working with Mvelopes and Crown Mvelopes users to further develop and advance the most complete online envelope budgeting program available today.