Partial Reset and Resolved Issues

We rolled out new code to all of our users today that contain the following new features and resolved issues.


Partial Reset option

Our customers have been asking for additional application reset options that will help them effectively start over without having to re-add all their accounts and recreate their spending and funding plans. With this new Partial Reset option, you will be able to do just that. Your envelope balances will be reset and your starting account balances will be adjusted automatically. All you will need to do is fund your envelopes and wait for new transactions to assign, and you will not lose your spending plan, funding plan, funding profiles or any of your custom envelopes like you would during a Full Reset of the application.

Partial Reset Option

Partial Reset Option


Unable to match pending account transfers/credit card payments created by Bill Pay

We recently included the ability for you to select the Account Transfers and Credit Card Payments envelopes from Bill Pay when creating a payment to display the transactions in the Pending Transactions register. However, users were getting an error when trying to match the opposite transaction created by Bill Pay to the downloaded transaction in the New Transactions register. This issue has been resolved with this release and you can now successfully match both sides of these types of transactions.

Bill Pay incorrectly showing “Confirmed” status for “Stale” accounts

When adding a new account in Bill Pay you are required to confirm it before being able to use it for making payments. If you wait too long to confirm it the status for that account gets marked as Stale in the system. This was being displayed as Confirmed in Bill Pay. This has been fixed and for these types of accounts you will now receive the correct account status which will direct you to the account confirmation form that you can print and mail in.

Back End System Maintenance

We have extensively re-factored our back end systems for calculating and maintaining envelope and account balances. You should now see a better load time of the application and better response to updated balances when assigning transactions.