Put $2000 Back In Your Pocket!

Save $2000 with two smart moves!

Most of us love saving money. That’s a fact.

Most of us could save nearly $2000 a year by making two budget adjustments. That’s also a fact.

What’s stopping us from putting thousands of dollars back in our pockets is a simple lack of awareness about great “substitute” options for the services we use on daily basis. Here are great alternatives for two most common services we use every day. Make these few changes and your budget will experience much-needed breathing room.

 Cell phone plans

Cell phones have become the norm. We can’t imagine our lives without them, and many of us probably can’t remember the time when cell phones weren’t around. Cell phone plans have a way of cutting into our monthly budgets and many tie us down with 2-year contracts and hefty cancellation fees.  So how can you save money on your cell phone bill?

ChitChat Mobile

Wow… If you’re not using much data and simply need a phone that allows you to talk and text, this could be a huge money saving option for you.  For $19.99/month you can text and talk all you want!  For additional $3/ month you can add a data plan that will give you 50 MB worth of data to use! So unlimited text, talk and 50MB of data would run you about $25.00/month!  Compare that with an average $70 – $80 traditional cell phone bill and you just found yourself  $50-$100 savings, especially if you have a family plan. That’s $600 – $1200 a year!

What could you do with that money?  Go on a vacation, pay off debt, do Christmas debt-free!


This is another, slightly higher option for those who are looking at cutting cost on their cell phone plan. For $45/ month you can have unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB of data. Savings would range about $30-$40 / month which would still give you $360 – $480 a year worth of cash to use on something else.

Cable TV / Satellite

Cable TV is another monthly “money-sucker” and billions are spent each year for the privilege of having access to hundreds of channels (most of which we probably do not watch anyways!) On average, most will spend $70/ month on their cable TV or satellite bill. So how can you cut your cost while still enjoy watching movies, shows, news etc.?


As long as you have Internet access, for $7.99/month you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies.  For few additional dollars you could have DVDs sent to your home (this is a great alternative for those who have no Internet access.)


This is another $7.99 alternative to traditional cable / satellite TV. You have to have Internet access in order to tap into Hulu’s rich library of shows, movies, kids programming and more.

Traditional TV antenna

For a one-time investment of $30-$60 you can install a traditional TV antenna in your home that will give you access to local channels. If you prefer to get local news through TV rather than Internet, combining this option with Netfilx or Hulu will give you a solid package of daily news, movies, and shows.

If you decide to break up with your cable / satellite provider you could save $60/month! That’s over $700 / year!

By making changes to your cell phone and cable TV plans , you can put almost $2000 back in your pocket! Who’s in?