Satellite Services That Aren’t Worth The Money – Even If You Had The Money

A popular TV commercial for satellite TV depicts Hollywood all-star, Rob Lowe, saying something like, “Hi, I am Rob Lowe and I have satellite.” Then enters a drab and poorer version of Rob Lowe saying, “And I am poor-decision-making Rob Lowe and I have cable.”

Satellite Comp Thumb

I find the commercial amusing and fitting because it requires an income like Rob’s to afford the most common satellite subscriptions, and yes, subscribing to cable TV is often a poor decision.

When deciding which items make it into your budget and which ones don’t, there are often struggles parting or sacrificing things that seem important. Don’t let satellite TV be one of those struggles. To make it easy, Mvelopes has outlined the value, advantages, and pricing of satellite television, and of course, a much less expensive alternative. So lets get started:

Dish seems to be the most popular service and also offers around 320 channels with their highest package. Seems like a slam-dunk until you examine it a little closer. A portion of those channels are available on regular network television – for free. Another portion of those channels are likely in a language you don’t speak and some are just music channels. If music is that important to you, try downloading Pandora or Spotify – they’re free.

What will these 100+ channels cost you per month? About $90 or $1,080 per year.

Direct TV.
Direct TV is for sport lovers. This subscription seems to carry just about every sporting event you can imagine – but unless you’re into watching every UFC match and Kentucky derby qualifying race, you can likely do without many of those too. Direct offers similar channel selections as Dish with just over 285 to choose from. Sure, you get options to stream those shows to your phone and other gadgets, and they include an array of other tantalizing features and upgrades, most of which are luxuries you could do without.

The bottom line? $92 per month or $1,104 per year!

Some people are probably thinking, “I don’t pay that much per month.” Well, that may be true. Many of these subscriptions come with promotional pricing of about $19 per month, but the price promises to jump at some point or another over the course of that 2-year contract.

The Mvelopes Alternative.
AppleTVThe Mvelopes entertainment alternative starts with an Apple TV console that plugs into your existing TV. It uses WiFi and instantly connects you to live programming like sports and weather and even HBO options. It includes countless other features that enable movie and TV show streaming. Next, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime which boasts of 40,000 TV and movie choices, FREE music streaming, and 500,000 free books for Kindle. Additionally, if you’re a mom, Prime offers 20% off diapers with free two-day shipping. If you’re a student, the Prime subscription is half off. Still feel like you need more movie-binge worthy options? Well, subscribe to Netflix and/or Hulu Plus and get instant access to the hottest television series, movies, and documentaries. Don’t forget, you still get access to network television for free.

What will this alternative cost? $69 (one-time purchase) for the Apple TV, $99 (yearly subscription; no contract) for Amazon Prime, $8 (monthly) for Netflix, and $8 (monthly) for Hulu Plus. All of this rounds out to a yearly cost of about $361 per year.

Satellite ComparisonYou should always do what is best for you and your family, but the next time I see Rob Lowe promoting satellite I will be saying, “Hi, I am Reagan. I use the Mvelopes Alternative and save about $700 per year on entertainment.”

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