6 ways to maximize your budget as a student

GettyImages-486790801.jpgThe school year is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how to save money while making it through another academic year, especially for college students. Reducing costs is an important part of staying away from taking on debt while going to school. On most college campuses, getting the most out of what you have to pay also makes a difference.

Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid

The first way to make a dent in how much you pay for college is to explore your options for scholarships, grants and financial aid. Admittedly, August is a little late to get started, but maybe you can find something for spring semester or beyond.

Apply for any scholarships that are available to you. Check the qualifications and get to work before you have classwork that will take up your time. Make sure you have filled out your FAFSA form so you can see if you’re eligible for financial aid or any other government grants to help get you through school.

Once you pay your tuition and fees, you should take advantage of everything they offer students.

Campus Activities

There are a lot of activities on campus or around campus that are either free or paid for by fees you have already paid. When you’re looking for entertainment without spending much money there are libraries, speakers, concerts, plays, sporting events, club activities, service opportunities, or anything else that is sponsored by organizations in the area.

Career CenterGettyImages-546001488.jpg

The point of college is hopefully for you to get a job. Your college should be on the same page in helping you reach that goal, as well. The career center or whatever it’s called in your college can help you in many ways.

Don’t know exactly what to major in yet? Take aptitude or personality tests for free or at a discount from what they cost in the professional world.

Need help with job skills or networking with alumni? Explore the different resources your college already has on-hand to help you be in as good a position as possible when you graduate.

Want help with resume or job search skills? There are people who can help, even when you don’t have all that much work experience.


Many schools now offer you the software you need to get through college. Don’t spend all that money on office or creative suite if your school has already negotiated a license for you. Depending on what you need in your major, there can be a variety of software available for free or at deep discounts as long as you’re enrolled.

Student Discounts

Take advantage of your status as a student in the community. In town, show your school’s ID card whenever it will get you a discount. Online, use your .edu email address to your advantage. Many retailers offer special deals to people in college and use your email address as proof.


While there are plenty of tips to cut costs, there’s also one way to save money and that’s keeping to a budget. Get started today with Mvelopes and you can stay out of debt and live within your means while going to school.

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