Save Hundreds a Year On Cleaning Supplies!

cleaning supplies

Have you ever had clogged drains and had to call professionals to solve the problem? It most likely cost you $80 or more per drain to unclog!

How about having to throw away burnt pots and pans that, otherwise, would have still been great to use?

How much are you spending each year on cleaning supplies, including laundry detergent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend over $168 billion each year just on cleaning supplies. That makes for over $650 per year per household.

Would you like to put most of that money back in your pocket or repurpose it for other more pressing issues like increasing your savings, reducing debt, or maybe starting a car replacement fund?

We found a few great solutions that will allow you to do just that by simply making your own cleaning supplies with inexpensive ingredients found at any grocery store!

Let’s start with Vinegar and ways it can help you solve quite a few issues around the house.

From unclogging drains to getting wrinkles out of your clothes to being an all-purpose cleaner, both white and apple cider vinegar will do the trick!

Watch this quick video that explains 10 great household uses for vinegar.

How about spending $0.20/gallon on a homemade laundry detergent?

Use 3 basic ingredients to make either liquid or powder detergent:

– Box of washing soda (you can find it in the section with all of the laundry detergents)

– Box of Borax (find it in the cleaning supplies aisle of most grocery stores)

– Bar of soap (dove, fels-naptha, etc.)

And voila! You just made 6-8 months worth of detergent! You can find plenty of youtube instructional videos that show you how to make liquid versus powder form from these 3 basic ingredients.

Go ahead and try some of these tricks and let us know how they worked for you!

Mvelopes users: If you have a certain amount of funds budgeted for household cleaning supplies, you can open a savings envelope or a car fund envelope and start easily repurposing those dollars saved with the Sweep feature!