Spend With Confidence

I was talking with a potential Money for Life Coaching Client the other day and he asked me to “sell him” on the program.  I am not really into selling people on the idea of coaching. I firmly believe that people have to be dedicated to taking the steps necessary to create financial success and stability before they will be successful at improving their financial situation.  If someone is dedicated, motivated, and willing to really stick with it, they will be successful at improving their financial position, especially with the help of Mvelopes Personal and a Money for Life Coach.

A few months ago, I worked with one such client who was dedicated to improving her financial position.  Before signing up for Money for Life Coaching, she had been working very hard to eliminate her consumer debt, but was still struggling with making ends meet.  She just didn’t really know where the money was going, or how to take control of the situation.

We worked together through several sessions to create her customized spending plan, based on her income and her spending needs.  Once she really started focusing on where she wanted the money to go, she was able to eliminate some hidden spending, focus on eliminating the remaining debt, and start saving for periodic expenses.   She was very excited at the idea of saving for her next vacation before she actually went on it.  She was also in need of some new clothes and it was a new concept to set money aside for them before making the purchases.

I spoke with this client a recently, just to check in and she was very excited about the progress that she had made!  She said that the biggest difference for her was feeling confident in making the purchases that she needed to and in paying her bills.  She knew that the money was set aside for that specific purpose so she was able to spend with confidence, rather than worrying constantly about whether she could afford things.  This was a huge change for her and I was thrilled to hear that she was doing so well.

Being able to spend with confidence is a great position to be in!

-Jennifer, Money for Life Coach