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Success Stories

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“My wife and I have been using Mvelopes for almost 2 years. I could tell you how Mvelopes helped us pay off credit card debt, save hundreds of dollars in interest and now earn reward points. I could tell you about the countless hours saved mulling over a paper budget and transferring funds to pay bills. I could even tell you about how we can now concentrate on paying our mortgage off in less than 10 years and being debt free.

Instead, I want to tell how Mvelopes saved my marriage. When my wife and I got married the financial responsibilities fell to me. I soon felt like the bad guy. She would come to me and ask “How much money do we have for this?” or “Can I buy this or that?” A lot of the time I would answer no because I was not sure. Over the years the anxiety and tension about the state of our finances increased. After a few months of using Mvelopes we both admitted to each other that we were not feeling the tension toward each other anymore. She no longer felt like I was keeping her from doing things and I no longer felt like the bad guy. We created a budget that we both agreed upon and it tells us what we can do. Now we both know how a purchase will affect our finances.

So Mvelopes, I would like to thank you for the money saved in counselor fees, lawyer fees and most of all the untold pain and suffering a failed marriage would have caused our 5 year old son. Thank you!”

– James Ooltewah, TN

“Ever heard that money problems are a leading factor in most divorces? Well, I was afraid that my marriage was heading out of the honeymoon phase because all we talked about was money. It had become a real problem. Mvelopes enabled us to get a good picture of our household finances. With Mvelopes, we knew how much we could spend on things we just wanted. I no longer had to worry that we would run out of money at the end of the month. Thanks, from a happy husband.”

– Charlie Shippensburg, PA

“When I was married, eight months ago, Mvelopes simplified the financial transition to married life. Mvelopes provides an accurate account of our finances, which facilitates our conversations about our financial choices. Mvelopes also helped us keep track of our wedding expenses and kept us on budget. And, we were able to use all the money we received for our wedding on a dream honeymoon to New Zealand.”

– Joy San Louis Obispo, CA

“Even more importantly, Mvelopes has helped me continue to take control of my finances even after I became debt free, helping me put my money towards the goals that are important to me. Most recently, that meant buying a diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend without having to do into debt to do so. Mvelopes has been an excellent tool in helping me take control of my finances, and I recommend it to almost all of my friends.”

– Matt Denver, CO

“My husband and I don’t fight about money any more and neither one of us has to feel guilty about the way we spend “our” money. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Mvelopes has saved my marriage!!!!!”

– Betsy Baytown, TX

“I don’t know where to begin. The last 2 years as a member of Mvelopes have been nothing short of miraculous. I used to lie in bed at night crying because I didn’t know how I was going to pay bills, and then I became a member in July of 2006 and haven’t looked back. My finances were in total disarray at the time and I took out numerous payday loans. Once I started with Mvelopes, I knocked out the payday loans and have paid off over $15,000 in debt. I have not charged a single thing since becoming a member and pay cash for everything.

I login to Mvelopes 2-3 times a day and check all my accounts and update my spending plan. Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but Mvelopes has given me such a peace of mind about my finances and that is priceless.

I swear by Mvelopes and finally have my finances on auto-pilot as I tell my money where to go instead of my money telling me where to go. Thank you so much Mvelopes!!!!”

– Dan Nashville, TN

“When I found Mvelopes through a desperate Google search, I felt as though I had landed exactly the kind of financial management system we needed. In fact, in my mind, I had always visualized our financial categories as envelopes – perhaps this was because my grandmother always saved using envelopes marked for certain expenses. Only two months using Finicity has dramatically changed our financial outlook. We discovered our problem was excessive withdrawals so we started limiting ourselves to a certain amount of withdrawals per paycheck. We are on our way to saving for vacation, new windows and plenty of other upgrades that wouldn’t be possible without this financial management system. Thank you!”

– Stephen & Stephanie Harrisburg, PA

“Wow, I was impressed right from the start. I immediately signed up and converted our budget to the on-line program, initially funded our envelopes (49 at last count…yes we are detailed), and began easily and quickly assigning transactions. My wife at times got overwhelmed by our old system and now loves how easy it is to track and split all transactions. We also love the fact that it is not tied to a particular computer. We can work on and update our budget from anywhere.”

– Bill & Elisabeth Greensboro, NC

“Even a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) needs the organization of Mvelopes to be financially successful. We recommend it to other families too. It just works!”

– Brandon & Gretchen Portland, OR

“Before Mvelopes, I could barely find the money for rent on my cut-rate apartment and drained my bank account long before my next paycheck. Budget was not a word I even had in my vocabulary. My spending was so out of control that I could barely afford the basics like groceries and gas. I knew that I made enough money to live comfortably, but I couldn’t figure out how to control my finances. Along came Mvelopes…

Within the last year, I’ve been able to keep my bank account positive. I paid my car off nearly a year early. I love having money in the bank when I get my next paycheck! I’m not only able to make my rent payment comfortably each month; I bought a home 6 months ago. If you had told me a year ago that I’d be able to buy a home, I would have said you were crazy.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.”

– Sarah Lees Summit, MO

“I was introduced to Mvelopes when I started college and immediately my finances did a 360! I no longer received the dreaded “overdraft” statements in the mail and started saving money! Because I am a piano teacher, I receive checks throughout the month at different times and Finicity is the only program that helped me understand how to split up the different checks correctly throughout the month. When I met my wonderful husband, we made a goal to start our marriage with NO debt. This was a big goal to accomplish because I had just bought a grand piano, and now I had to pay it off in four months before our wedding day! I told him I thought I could do it because I had the Mvelopes program to help me put my money in the right places. I am proud to say that within four months, I was able to pay off the entire balance of the grand piano so we could start our marriage debt free! There is no way that I could have done that without Mvelopes, especially with my old financial habits!”

In our two years of marriage, we have been able to pay all of our credit cards to a zero dollar balance each month, pay off our timeshare in seven months, and save enough money for a down payment on a home! We owe it all to Mvelopes! WE LOVE Mvelopes! We recommend it to all of our friends and family every chance we get! Thank you Mvelopes for helping us achieve our goals and keeping us on the right track!”

– Carson & Nykelle Provo, UT

“We started out with $40,000 in debt. With Mvelopes and a determination to pay off our debt, I’ve been able to pay off the remaining amount of my student loan ($2900), an $800 Sony Visa and have paid down my Amazon Visa to $4800. We still owe $13300 on a Chase Visa and owe $7500 on one car. I expect to have all debt (except for my mortgage and home equity loan) paid in full by September 2009.

The best thing is…… We had our first DEBT FREE CHRISTMAS!!! EVER! It’s January and I’m not depressed! We cut down on our spending but we never missed anything and were none the wiser!”

– Mary Ann Williamsport, MD

“As a result of never having a reliable and easy way to track the normal expenses of life, we got into some credit card debt. Before we knew it, we were carrying about $7,000.00 on our credit card and could not pay it off. Mvelopes was such a powerful tool, and so easy to use, we were able to begin to get control of our monthly cash flow again.

As a result of the visibility into the monthly budget and giving every dollar a name before the month began, we were able to quickly eliminate our debt. Now, thanks to Mvelopes, we are debt free and loving it!”

– Paul & Tere Colorado Springs, CO

“Until we started using the Mvelopes system, we were constantly overdrawing our checking account and not able to account for where our money had gone. This caused tension between us, and unneeded stress.

Then, we found Mvelopes online, and we started using it. It is so easy to use and understand. I actually look forward to our “budget meetings” now! It has allowed us to tell our money where to go, and not the other way around. We have eliminated $30,000 in debt in just the last year, and we are on a fast track to eliminating all of our debt except for our mortgage by next July. We really don’t think we could have accomplished that without Mvelopes.

We have recommended Mvelopes to many of our friends, and we will continue to use it even when we’re debt free. Thank you Mvelopes!”

– Travis & Abby Ames, IA

“Because of the organization and simplicity of Mvelopes, along with the valuable tips and advice we have received, my husband and I are proud to announce that as of August 2007, we are DEBT-FREE!!! Mvelopes has taught us discipline, helped us to remain focused, and has enabled us to stick to our budget. We no longer charge our “wants” to credit cards. We now focus on our savings and retirement, instead of frivolously spending what is left over each month after our mortgage and bills.”

– Nicolle Chesterfield, VA

“For years my wife and I had tried to be responsible with our finances. We tried to pay our bills, to give to our church, and even to live frugally, but we never seemed to be able to get into a proactive position where we were running our finances instead of our finances running us.

Now because of your program I have been able to budget for our medical expenses. I have been able to get several months ahead on some of our regular expenses. I have been able to budget wisely for upcoming seasonal expenses, and I have been able to save almost $1000. What a blessing!”

– J. Ryan Louisville, KY

“I tried programs like Quicken and Microsoft Money, which were great for tracking your money AFTER you spent it, but their budget systems didn’t work for us. They seemed to be based on averages and the perfect month in a perfect world. They just were not flexible from month to month. I went online looking for a virtual envelope budget system of sorts (I was ready to write my own if I couldn’t find one). That is when I found Mvelopes.

Before Mvelopes, we used to dip into overdraft EVERY month. It was just a way of life. Now I really don’t monitor what my bank balance is because it really doesn’t matter. Every dollar has a name and a virtual envelope in the Mvelopes system. Now we put money aside each month for Christmas and for those yearly expenses such as life insurance and gym memberships. I’m enjoying saving money by paying these things yearly because I know I can do it now, I don’t need to pay the extra fees to be on a monthly plan. In the past two years we have reduced our debt by $20,000 and I believe by the end of 2008 we will be debt free except for our house.

Budgeting with my wife has gotten much easier. I’m the nerd in the family so I fund the envelopes, print out a report, and then we take 10-15 minutes to review it together. She can tell me what adjustments to make (if we need more money for clothes or a birthday or something) and I adjust envelope amounts. So, not only has the application helped our finances, it has helped our marriage.”

– Dustin Taylorsville, UT

“Many programs simply informed us, after the fact, that we had over spent in some budget category. We finally found success with Mvelopes)!! This program took all the headaches and hassles out of money management.

The best part is knowing BEFORE you spend your money how much you can spend without ruining the whole budget. It actually prevents us from overspending! No other program has that built in feature. It is so easy to use and takes only moments of our time to keep things in check. We highly recommend Mvelopes!”

– Lee & Deanna Monroe, NC

“We also tried budgeting with Quicken and Money, but it was difficult…they just track spending; they don’t tell you how much you have in a specific account.

We did figure out a way around that and tried to set up accounts on it, faking the program into an “envelope” type system. We were thrilled to find Mvelopes that not only does it for you, but downloads all spending…credit cards, etc. automatically! Thank you!”

– Phil & Julie Dallas, OR

“After about one year with Mvelopes, we finally saw how much we really were spending. In the past, we saw bill statements, deposits, groceries and gas. But at the end of the month, we had spent much more–where was it? We have learned that we were spending much more on clothes, entertainment, pets, and medical than we had thought. As we found the average of these fluctuating costs and changed our spending plan, we saw a much more accurate picture of our debit profile. It was painful, but we now know more about what needs to be done.”

– Laura Gates, NC

“I love the fact that this is the only place I have to check in order to know where my finances stand. No more going to my checking account, savings account and credit card accounts to track spending. I sign into my Mvelopes account almost everyday to assign my transactions, and it is fun to me.

The best part about this program is the freedom I now feel when it comes to spending money. I have realized that as long as the money was set aside for something in particular that it is ok to spend it. I have always had a problem with feeling guilty anytime I spent money. Now, I just check to see if the money is in the envelope for it and use it without the guilt.”

-Jessica Escalon, CA

“We had tried, unsuccessfully, to stick to a budget for years. However, it was very cumbersome to write everything down and keep track of each expense. We eventually went to the traditional envelope system. This seemed to help, but once again, it was hard to keep up with. Eventually, we abandoned all of our budgeting completely and found ourselves in more than $35,000 of debt (not including our home and cars!).

This is when we found Mvelopes. WOW! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! We were able to stop frivolous spending, and be accountable for each purchase. We put all of the extra money toward our debt. Our income has virtually stayed the same, yet we have completely wiped out our debt, and saved 6+ months worth of financial reserves. We finally have financial peace. THANK YOU Mvelopes!”

Alex & Katie Spanish Fork, UT

“Mvelopes helped me see for the first time exactly what my financial picture was. Once I could really see what was going on with my money, then it wasn’t scary or frustrating to manage it anymore.

With the spending plan feature, I plan for all those events that used to catch me financially by surprise, like birthdays, holidays, even little stuff like book orders for my daughter’s classes. A little each month sure helps! I can also forecast my finances for the year, by looking at how much my daycare is going to cost, or how much I can save for something special.

I am paying for a house by myself. I have paid off my credit card. I have money to pay for Christmas presents in cash this year. I never bounce a check. I give myself a little money every month that I can spend guilt-free. I even have envelopes for my kids’ allowances!

I think I may be something of a Mvelopes evangelist. I have spread the word to friends and family members. One even said that she thinks Mvelopes saved her marriage because she and her husband don’t fight about money any more!”

– Staci Saline, MI

“We have been using Mvelopes for 3 ½ years now and it has been one of the BEST INVESTMENTS WE’VE EVER MADE! We’ve always been budgeters, but before Mvelopes it was a very time consuming and complicated process.

When we discovered Mvelopes, we immediately knew that it was going to be the perfect budget application. It is extremely easy to use and immune from errors. It is incredibly convenient to have all the data from our bank and credit cards imported automatically each day with no additional work on our part. At this point it’s hard to imagine what we would do without Mvelopes!”

– Dave & Halli Cedar Park, Texas

“I discovered Mvelopes just searching the internet for something new and revolutionary and never thought I would come across something as great as Mvelopes. We only joined up around 2 months ago and yet we made it through Christmas without borrowing money or using credit cards at all! We’ve also had a $13,000 loan @ 24% interest hanging over our head for about 3 years now and I’m excited to say that since we found Mvelopes, we are about halfway to having it paid off!!! Mvelopes seems to give us direction and self control over our finances without feeling like we never get to spend a little money on ourselves. And the best part is that we haven’t fought about money since we signed up!”

– Andrew & Carol Milan, TN