My Daddy Uses Mvelopes!

I have to admit that I am a big fan of Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey. I recently went to one of his Total Money Makeover Live events and absolutely loved it! He has tremendous passion for teaching people how to get out of debt, get control of their finances and ultimately better their lives. My wife convinced me that we could move money from one of our discretionary envelopes to purchase a few of the children’s books they promoted at the event. Now, not only am I telling my friends and family about how Finicity helps us budget with the envelope method, but my 4-year-old daughter is too! Whenever she hears someone talking about money, she has to tell them that her Daddy uses Mvelopes.

One of the best results of this has been the transformation to our mornings! Leaving for work in the morning used to be a ritual of her whining and begging that I stay home and play all day with her. But now, thanks to Ramsey’s “Jr.” books, the morning dialogue with my daughter goes simply:

“Daddy, where are you going?”

“When you need money…” I say, “You gotta go to work!” she chimes in excitedly.

Then she gives me a kiss and a hug, and I’m off. Who knew that something like the “Envelope Method of Budgeting” would not only lead to financial control and freedom, but a whine-free morning!

Kristopher Higley, Designer