Vacation Survey Winner Announced!


Mvelopes users know how to vacation

We’ve been reviewing the results of our latest survey in which we asked you how Mvelopes and envelope budgeting helps you plan and enjoy your vacations.  The results confirmed that Mvelopes and vacations make a great combination!

Out of the 610 participants in our survey, a whopping 89% of you set money aside in advance for your vacations, using at least a general vacation envelope as part of your spending plan.  56% of you begin saving for your future vacation anywhere from three to twelve months in advance, with almost 20% of you setting up long-term envelopes for major vacations and smaller, short-term envelopes for small getaways.  It seems Mvelopes and envelope budgeting are a real help in making sure your vacations are fully funded!

The recession has caused over 73% of you to make minor to major changes in the way you vacation and how often you get away – and that includes 9% of you who are no longer vacationing because of how the economic downturn has impacted your plans.  For those of you who are vacationing, 19% of you typically spend $500 or less on your average vacation , 30% are spending between $500 and $1,000, and 49% of you are spending anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 on your vacations.  Creating and funding vacation envelopes in Mvelopes for all of these trips ensures a lot of peace of mind while traveling.  As for the 3% of you who are spending over $4,000 on your vacations – we’d be happy to go along and share in your adventures!

While 15% of you recommend a good book as the best vacation accessory and another 1% can’t bear to be on the road without your favorite hat, the rest of you believe that, as far as vacationing goes, nothing beats a fully-funded vacation envelope as the very best travel accessory.  We agree – and if you have completely funded your vacation in advance, you should have the money to buy a new book or a stylish hat as part of your travel shopping!

As for choosing the best type of vacation, most of you are evenly split between dedicated relaxation or sightseeing and activities.  Fortunately for all of us, whatever we choose to do when we vacation can be financially worry-free when we use Mvelopes to pre-fund our travels. And speaking of worry-free getaways, Rachel P from Illinois was randomly selected from among all survey participants to receive our $350 gift card!  Congratulations – we hope it helps Rachel enjoy a great getaway or doing whatever else fits into her plans.  Enjoy!

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