Want financial success? Learn to listen!

Listening will help you succeed financially!

Listening will help you succeed financially!

There is a habit, which on the surface may not seem associated with financial success. But it is!  The habit is listening.

During his five-year-long research of observing daily habits of the wealthy and of the poor, Tom Corley discovered that 6% of the wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% for the poor. So it’s pretty apparent that those with substantial financial resources prefer to spend their time listening rather than airing their own opinions. They listen not only to others, but constantly engage in learning while listening activities.

Listening to audio books on the drive to and from work, listening to podcasts and messages that help us grow in specific personal or professional arenas of life and listening to sound financial advice, no matter how uncomfortable at the moment, is something all of us would greatly benefit from.

Take a step back and reflect on your past financial decision. How many mistakes cold have been avoided if you only listened?

Most of us, if honest, will find quite a few moments in life where we were given a solid advice yet we failed to listen to it and ended up in a financial mess.

So here is a list of old sayings about money. Some are humorous, others more serious, yet nevertheless, if we pay attention and listen, these simple proverbs can help us avoid common financial pitfalls.

 “A fool and his money are soon parted”

It’s not about how much you have, but how you spend what you have that counts. No matter how wealthy you are, if you spend foolishly, you’ll part with your riches sooner than later! Spend less than you make and do it over a long period of time and you’ll see great results.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

We’ve all heard it many times. I know my parents repeated this phrase to me quite often, and I’m sure their parents repeated that to them as well! This simple proverb conveys very obvious yet so often ignored principle of working hard for your income. Instead of counting on luck or hitting it big time with that next lottery ticket, hard work should be something we all bet on, as we strive to achieve financial freedom and independence.

“Money can’t buy happiness”

Walt Disney once said: “A man should never neglect his family for business.” There is a difference between smart financial living and a life that’s spent chasing wealth at all cost hoping that it will bring about happiness. It never does. Take some time to count your true blessings in life. Your friends, family, health, ability to work. These are the things that bring us all true joy and happiness.

“Time is money”

It’s a simple idea that reinforces some of what we already talked about. How we choose to spend our time matters. Are there activities in your day that simply waste your precious time? What can you do to transform those minutes or hours into activity that will help you grow and produce?

“Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”

This proverb illustrates the power of small, consistent progress. Financial freedom is a long-term affair. When you prove faithful with whatever little you have, you’ll also find yourself faithful with much more. So focus on being a wise manager of your current income, no matter how insignificant it may seem, and soon you’ll see a great progress.

As you read these old sayings about money, you may be reminded of many others you heard your parents or grandparents say. Profound wisdom is often found in the simplest phrases, so pay attention and listen well. After all, listening rather than talking is a habit that can take you a step close to a place of financial success.