Warning: You may be overpaying for your data plans!

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When was the last time you checked how much data you consume through your cell phone?

My guess is that many of us who have an “unlimited” data plan actually pay for more data than we really need or use. We spend extra dollars either unknowingly, simply because someone sold us on an “unlimited” package, or we choose to pay extra just for the emotional comfort of knowing we will never “run out” of data.

If you’re looking to curb your expenses, your data plan may just be the place to find “wasted” dollars that could be repurposed towards debt or savings. My husband and I recently checked how much data we use, and, sure enough, we were the perfect candidates for a limited data plan, which still gives us more available data than we use! We were able to save close to $15 on our monthly cell phone bill.

Did you know that, currently, half of AT&T’s customers who have an unlimited data plan would save money simply by switching to the metered data plan? That’s according to a recent article in Consumer Reports.

Whoever you use as your cell phone carrier, go ahead and check your data usage for the last 3-6 months and evaluate whether you should switch to a metered plan. On average, you could save a minimum of $10 a month by doing that! That’s $120 a year! 

Quick tip: Remember to use wifi as often as you can, since using wifi does not tap into your data allotment.

Image by IntelFreePress