We’re Bringing The RED Back…And Much More!

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Thank you all for making the Mvelopes 4.1 release a great success!

We’ve received hundreds of comments telling us how much you enjoy the new updates. We hope that these changes will ultimately result in even greater financial success for you and your family.

That said, we haven’t stopped working on improving Mvelopes and are excited to share these new updates with you:

First, we heard you loud and clear and decided to bring the RED back!

We’ve received overwhelming feedback from many of you that you want to see RED for all negative account and envelope balances, and use BLACK for positive account and envelope balances.  Also, we’ll now have positive amounts as GREEN for the Inbox, Account, and Envelope registers, while negative amounts here will be in BLACK.

Next, we fixed the “Save & New” button when creating a new Transaction, and Mvelopes will also now remember your preference for when you want an envelope group view to be expanded to collapsed.

There was also a fix made to our Funding Plan and grouped paychecks, it is more stable now as we’ve addressed a bug that several of you reported.  Plus, we’ve identified several other performance and formatting items that have been cleaned up across the app.  We’re hard at work going through each and every piece of Mvelopes to make it the best personal finance solution on the planet and hope these enhancements and fixed help us do just that!

Our hope is that as you continue using Mvelopes, you’ll actually stop seeing red, and instead, you’ll see higher savings account balances, lower debt amounts, and your periodic expense envelopes fully-funded. But, as we all are working to improve our situation every day, one day at a time, we hope this helps call attention where it is needed so you can take action!

Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your financial turnaround,

The Mvelopes Team