Your Fridge and Your Pocketbook are Closely Related!


What could you do with an extra $200 each month?

Do you ever wish you had just a few hundred extra dollars in your disposable monthly income? Would you use it to help pay down debt?  Or maybe you’d set it aside in savings? I’m sure most of you are nodding your head, quietly agreeing that a few hundred extra dollars each month would be a nice help to your overall financial situation.

Did you know that your fridge and your pocketbook are very closely related?

Just recently I read an article that cited an NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) data on Americans and food waste. Here is the staggering number: Americans throw away 40% of their food each year (this includes home and restaurant.) A typical American family ends up throwing away close to $2,300 worth of food each year. That’s nearly $200 a month!

There is no going around it. We have become a nation of waste. We throw away food. We throw or give away perfectly fine clothing just because we’re bored with it and want something newer and trendier. We waste hours of our time on TV, video games and other forms of unproductive entertainment. Anywhere we turn there is waste!

But what if we turned that waste into financial opportunity?

Just by reducing your food waste you can most likely add $50-$200 to your monthly budget which would give you a $600 – $2400 annual raise!

How about fasting from a new wardrobe for a while? According to the Statistic Brain, on average women spend around $60 per month on clothing while men spend around $35/month on clothing.  That’s nearly $100 a month per family, not including children!

Or what if you took back a few wasted hours each day and used them to create side income for you and your family?

If you take an honest look at your spending, I’m sure you’ll find waste areas that, with a little bit of discipline, can be turned into new-found income!

Here are few great apps that can help you stop food waste: What’s In My Fridge? and Fridge Pal.